12:15 am


12:15 pm

Unlocking Success in the Hybrid Work Era: Masterclass on Elevating Employee Experience

KEVIN EMPEY, Author: "Thrive In The Future Of Work" Managing Director - WORK MATTERS

"Discover the essence of Hybrid/Flex work with our Employee Experience (EX) focused masterclass. This comprehensive workshop delves into engagement strategies, agile leadership, and psychological safety crucial for thriving in the future of work. Uncover innovative approaches to sustain employee engagement across virtual and physical realms. Cultivate adaptable leadership skills to steer teams through evolving challenges. Understand the pivotal role of psychological safety in fostering communication and collaboration. Delve into the future of work's trends and technologies shaping EX. Elevate your EX strategy and grasp the potential of hybrid work to foster individual and organizational triumph."

1:15 pm



1:30 pm

Digital Leadership: Navigating the Digital Era

PROFESSOR PIETRO MICHELI, Professor of Business Performance and Innovation - UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK

"This masterclass focuses on developing the leadership skills necessary to navigate the digital era and drive organizational success. Participants will explore the mindset, competencies, and strategies required to lead a digitally transformed world. Topics Covered: Defining digital leadership and its importance in the digital age | Key characteristics and competencies of effective digital leaders | Leading in a VUCA World | Navigating uncertainty and making informed decisions | Leading with agility and adaptability in the face of rapid digital disruptions | Building Digital Talent and Teams | Creating a culture of continuous learning and innovation | Fostering collaboration and cross-functional teamwork in a digital context | Leading Digital Transformation"

2:30 pm



9:00 am

Enhancing Employee Experience and Wellbeing

9:00 am




9:10 am

Embedding Engagement As A Key Leadership Tool

UMAIR SHAMSI, Vice President & Head of People Processes - TELENOR NORDICS

"During this presentation, we'll delve into the importance of integrating engagement as a core leadership tool. We'll highlight its role in improving employee experiences and ultimately driving organizational success. Join us as we explore this dynamic connection between leadership, engagement, and overall achievement."

9:30 am

How to Elevate Our People Experience Through Engagement and Diversity

VERA OLIVEIRA, Employee Experience Director - TELEPERFORMANCE

"Feel Welcome: A Team that feels welcome will learn and engage faster and is more likely to stay | Feel Valued: A Team that feels valued starts to feel they belong and is more open to change | Feel Heard: A Team that feels heard trusts the work environment and becomes more engaged and committed. | Feel Respected: A Team that feels respected has a safe space to grow and brings their innovative ideas to the workplace |Feel Well: A Team that feels well has healthy habits and is resilient under pressure"

9:50 am

Panel Discussion: "The Future of Work: Balancing Flexibility and Wellbeing"

HEBE BOONZAAIJER, Global Wellbeing Director - EQUINIX
LUCAS FINCH, Global Director of Wellbeing - XERO

"This panel discussion will delve into the future of work, specifically focusing on the delicate balance between flexibility and employee wellbeing. HR leaders and industry experts will engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the challenges and opportunities of creating a work environment that offers flexibility while ensuring employee wellbeing remains a top priority. The panel will explore topics such as setting boundaries, managing work-life integration, fostering work-life balance, and promoting mental health in an increasingly flexible work landscape. Attendees will gain valuable insights into strategies and best practices for striking a harmonious equilibrium between flexibility and employee wellbeing, resulting in a sustainable and fulfilling work experience."

10:15 am



10:45 am

Cultivating a Thriving Work Culture

10:45 am




10:50 am

Leadership Strategies for Nurturing a Thriving Work Culture

CAMILLA EDBERG, Head of Talent Management Europe & Latin America - ERICSSON

"This presentation will explore effective leadership strategies for cultivating a thriving work culture. HR leaders will learn about the key traits and behaviors that inspire and motivate employees, creating a positive and engaging work environment. The session will provide practical insights into fostering strong leadership at all levels of the organization, empowering employees, and driving a culture of continuous improvement and innovation."

11:10 am

Measuring and Enhancing Employee Well-being and Engagement


"This presentation will delve into the importance of measuring and enhancing employee well-being and engagement. HR leaders will learn about various metrics and tools for assessing employee well-being and engagement levels within their organizations. The session will provide insights into proactive strategies and initiatives that promote employee well-being, such as work-life balance programs, wellness initiatives, and mental health support. Attendees will gain practical knowledge to develop and implement well-being and engagement initiatives that contribute to a thriving work culture."

11:30 am

Panel Discussion: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for a Thriving Work Culture

NILUFER DEMIRKOL, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - NESTLÉ
CINDY HE, Global HR Business Partner - Digital/IT & Group HR - SYNGENTA

"This panel discussion will focus on the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion as a fundamental element of a thriving work culture. HR leaders and industry experts will share insights, experiences, and best practices for creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and empowered. Panelists will discuss strategies for addressing biases, fostering diversity, and driving inclusion initiatives that contribute to a thriving work culture. Attendees will gain valuable insights into promoting diversity and inclusion as key drivers of organizational success."

12:00 pm



12:30 pm

Reimagining Flexible Work – Hybrid, Flex, and Remote Working

12:30 pm




12:35 pm

Managing and Onboarding Remote Teams Effectively

OKSANA ANTONOVA, Head of People Sourcing, Recruiting and Onboarding - ALLIANZ SE

"In this presentation, HR leaders will learn effective strategies for managing and onboarding of hybrid teams. The session will cover holistic experience and practical tips to ensure engaging employee experience during the first few months of onboarding in the new company, which tools can speed up the integration of the new hires in the organization and which technologies can enhance employee experience in this phase."

12:55 pm

Panel Discussion: Navigating Challenges and Maximizing Productivity in a Hybrid Workforce

ROB GARLICK, Head of Innovation, Technology, and the Future of Work - CITI GLOBAL INSIGHTS
OLGA MARTENS-STUURMAN, Director Future Ready Work Experiences - HP
AMADEUS JOHANSSON, Head of Employee Experience & Talent Acquisition - POLESTAR

"This panel discussion will focus on the challenges and strategies associated with managing a hybrid workforce. HR leaders and industry experts will discuss the key considerations for creating a successful hybrid work environment, including communication strategies, collaboration tools, and employee well-being initiatives. Attendees will gain valuable insights into optimizing productivity and engagement in a blended work setting."

1:15 pm

The Future of Work: Embracing Flexibility and Remote Collaboration


"This presentation will provide an overview of the future of work, focusing on the importance of embracing flexibility and remote collaboration. HR leaders will explore the benefits, challenges, and strategies associated with hybrid, flexible, and remote working models. Attendees will gain valuable insights into creating a work environment that supports remote collaboration while maintaining productivity and employee well-being."

2:15 pm

Employee Engagement & Belonging – Creating Better Connections

2:15 pm


ANDREA DUMONT, Chief Marketing Officer - ENBOARDER


2:20 pm

Connect for Success: Navigating the Landscape of Workplace Belonging

ANDREA DUMONT, Chief Marketing Officer - ENBOARDER

"Belonging is no longer just a buzzword; it's a strategic imperative for today's successful organizations. In a world where virtual interactions are the norm and employees seek genuine human connections, creating a sense of belonging has become paramount. Join us for an in-depth session where we'll navigate through the shifting landscape of inclusion and explore the undeniable impact of moments of connection and belonging across your entire organization. With an emphasis on both the well-being of individuals and the growth of organizations, this webinar will empower you with insights that matter. Whether you're an HR professional, a team leader, or an organizational visionary, this webinar is your opportunity to transform your workplace culture. Let's embrace the challenge together, as we unlock the potential of belonging and create connections that not only drive performance but also enrich lives. Register now to secure your spot and embark on this exciting journey toward a more connected and impactful future."

2:50 pm

Enhancing Employee Engagement through AI

JASON AVERBOOK, Senior Partner, Global Leader Digital HR Strategy - MERCER

"This presentation will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to enhance employee engagement and create better connections within organizations. Attendees will learn about innovative AI-driven solutions and strategies that can help HR leaders foster a more connected and engaged workforce."

3:20 pm

Panel Discussion: Building Meaningful Connections in the Digital Age

ANDREA DUMONT, Chief Marketing Officer - ENBOARDER
MARTIJN SEIJSENER, Global Head Employee Experience - CREDIT SUISSE
ELEONORA KLARA DURMAZ, Group Head of Talent, Leadership and Culture - GRUNDFOS
VERA OLIVEIRA, Employee Experience Director - TELEPERFORMANCE

"This panel discussion will bring together industry experts and senior HR leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building meaningful connections in the digital age. Panelists will share their experiences, insights, and best practices for creating a connected and inclusive workplace culture amidst the increasing use of technology. Attendees will gain practical strategies to foster authentic connections among employees in a digital-first environment."

3:45 pm

End of Summit


2:45 pm

Afternoon Plenary

2:45 pm

Opening Remarks



3:00 pm

Reimagining Work: Future of Work Strategies

BRIAN ELLIOTT, Best-selling author of "How the Future Works", former SVP, SLACK

"This session explores emerging trends and strategies for reimagining work in the digital age. Participants will gain insights into creating flexible work arrangements, promoting remote work, and fostering a culture of innovation. Topics Covered: *The Future of Work: Trends and Implications *Understanding the impact of automation, AI, and robotics on job roles *Anticipating workforce shifts and skill requirements in the digital era *Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements *Exploring flexible work models such as remote work, flexible hours, and job sharing *Cultivating a Culture of Innovation"

3:30 pm

Impact of generative AI (ChatGPT) on HR


"Prepare to explore the transformative impact of generative AI in HR, a focus that promises to empower HR leaders. In this keynote, we delve into how this technology is reshaping HR processes, enabling HR leaders to elevate their strategic roles. Generative AI streamlines performance management by providing data-driven insights, allowing HR leaders to proactively address issues like burnout and attrition. It personalizes employee experiences, tailoring learning materials and career development paths to boost engagement. Overall, this keynote reveals how generative AI will redefine HR's role. It transforms HR from a primarily administrative function into a strategic partner, where data-driven decisions, enhanced employee experiences, and streamlined performance management drive organizational success. Benefit from actionable insights to stay ahead in the dynamic world of HR."

4:00 pm

End of Day One



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Navigating digital disruptions is not a about technology. It is about the organizational changes required
Flexible work is foundational for attracting and retaining talented employees, but companies need a roadmap



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