Camilla Edberg


Head of Talent Management Europe & Latin America – ERICSSON


Camilla Edberg brings over 20 years of experience in HR and Talent Management through leading HR roles in international corporations, such as CGI, Capgemini and Arrow Electronics. During the last 9 years she has been leading Talent Management and leadership development at Ericsson. She has developed and implemented HR strategies, talent management programs, processes and organizational design solutions.


10:50 AM

Leadership Strategies for Nurturing a Thriving Work Culture

This presentation will explore effective leadership strategies for cultivating a thriving work culture. HR leaders will learn about the key traits and behaviors that inspire and motivate employees, creating a positive and engaging work environment. The session will provide practical insights into fostering strong leadership at all levels of the organization, empowering employees, and driving a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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