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Katja has formed a 10+ year international career at the forefront of strategic HR. Working for organisations such as Daimler AG, Lufthansa Group, Allianz Group and Credit Suisse, she has held multiple global responsibilities such as her current role as the Group Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing at Zurich Insurance. Her focus is guiding companies and individuals with the human side of their business, increasingly important in the digital era.

With leadership experience traversing home bases out of Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and now Zurich, her experience has developed into a portfolio career where she offers consultancy & advisory services on topics such as well-being at work, leadership, diversity & inclusion, employee experience, and the effective change within all those areas.

Katja holds a PhD from the Rotterdam School of Management (University of Rotterdam) and a Master’s Degree from the Antwerp Management School (University of Antwerp) in Global Management. She also completed her Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) at the German Sport University Cologne in Psychology in Sport and Exercise.


11:10 AM

Measuring and Enhancing Employee Well-being and Engagement

This presentation will delve into the importance of measuring and enhancing employee well-being and engagement. HR leaders will learn about various metrics and tools for assessing employee well-being and engagement levels within their organizations. The session will provide insights into proactive strategies and initiatives that promote employee well-being, such as work-life balance programs, wellness initiatives, and mental health support. Attendees will gain practical knowledge to develop and implement well-being and engagement initiatives that contribute to a thriving work culture.

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11:30 AM

Panel Discussion: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for a Thriving Work Culture

This panel discussion will focus on the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion as a fundamental element of a thriving work culture. HR leaders and industry experts will share insights, experiences, and best practices for creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and empowered. Panelists will discuss strategies for addressing biases, fostering diversity, and driving inclusion initiatives that contribute to a thriving work culture. Attendees will gain valuable insights into promoting diversity and inclusion as key drivers of organizational success.

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