Professor Pietro Micheli (1)


Professor of Business Performance and Innovation – UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK


Professor Pietro Micheli, an esteemed academic and visionary leader, joined Warwick Business School in 2012. Throughout his tenure, he has contributed significantly to executive education. He has held pivotal roles, serving as Course Director for the Executive MBA and later the Distance Learning MBA program, which clinched the world’s top rank by the Financial Times in 2018-2021.

Pietro’s diverse career encompasses time as a Senior Lecturer at Cranfield School of Management and as a Research Fellow at the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research in London. Notably, he was a key Director for the Commission for Public Sector Evaluation in Rome during 2009-2011, appointed by the Italian Parliament.

As a prominent scholar, Pietro’s research and consultancy endeavors span two focal areas. His work delves into the intricacies of strategy implementation and performance management, as evidenced by his influential publications in esteemed academic journals. Additionally, he’s a trailblazer in design and innovation management, with his findings contributing to the enrichment of scholarly discourse.

A seasoned consultant, Pietro has collaborated with over 60 organizations globally. His extensive language fluency and international exposure have empowered these engagements. Pietro’s reputation as an educator is further cemented by his teaching accolades, receiving nine awards at Warwick Business School.

Beyond academia, Pietro’s impact is marked by his notable presence as a Visiting Professor and Fellow in various institutions. His research and contributions have enriched multiple domains, contributing to both theory and practice.


September 27, 2023 01:30 PM

Digital Leadership: Navigating the Digital Era

This masterclass focuses on developing the leadership skills necessary to navigate the digital era and drive organizational success. Participants will explore the mindset, competencies, and strategies required to lead a digitally transformed world. Topics Covered: Defining digital leadership and its importance in the digital age | Key characteristics and competencies of effective digital leaders | Leading in a VUCA World | Navigating uncertainty and making informed decisions | Leading with agility and adaptability in the face of rapid digital disruptions | Building Digital Talent and Teams | Creating a culture of continuous learning and innovation | Fostering collaboration and cross-functional teamwork in a digital context | Leading Digital Transformation

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