Rebecca Pearce (1)


Vice President – RANDSTAD


An Inclusive VP of Talent with 16+ years’ experience in leading global talent programmes, co-creating innovative approaches (e.g., AgileTA, Digital Skilling Consult-Operate, Internal Mobility, Total Talent) to enable Life Sciences & Banking organisations to execute on strategy through sustainable talent eco-systems.

An established change agent, with a track record of setting up new markets, leading critical RPO clients from turnaround to growth, advisory on SuccessFactors & Workday implementations and leading IBM’s end to end proposition for Digital Skilling, for both Consulting Advisory (Skills, Strategic Workforce Planning, Operating Model Design, Digital Academy/ Learning Pathways, Internal Mobility & Employment Branding) & RPO programmes.

Critical to this success has been a focus on inclusive leadership, career pathing and engagement, recognised as “Inclusive Leader of the Year” and “Inclusive Ally of the Year”.

Passionate about partnership with impact, and a track record of thought leadership to enable business strategy execution.


09:50 AM

Panel Discussion: "The Future of Work: Balancing Flexibility and Wellbeing"

This panel discussion will delve into the future of work, specifically focusing on the delicate balance between flexibility and employee wellbeing. HR leaders and industry experts will engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the challenges and opportunities of creating a work environment that offers flexibility while ensuring employee wellbeing remains a top priority. The panel will explore topics such as setting boundaries, managing work-life integration, fostering work-life balance, and promoting mental health in an increasingly flexible work landscape. Attendees will gain valuable insights into strategies and best practices for striking a harmonious equilibrium between flexibility and employee wellbeing, resulting in a sustainable and fulfilling work experience.

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