Umair Shamsi (1)


Vice President & Head of People Processes – TELENOR NORDICS


Umair Shamsi is at the forefront of Telenor’s comprehensive initiatives in the realm of Diversity & Inclusion, Performance Management, and Employee Experience Surveys. With an impressive career spanning 23 years, Umair has demonstrated his expertise in a diverse array of Human Resources functions, touching upon six different industries across North America, Asia, and Europe. His extensive background and leadership are invaluable assets to Telenor as they continue to prioritize and enhance these critical aspects of their organization.


09:10 AM

Embedding Engagement As A Key Leadership Tool

During this presentation, we'll delve into the importance of integrating engagement as a core leadership tool. We'll highlight its role in improving employee experiences and ultimately driving organizational success. Join us as we explore this dynamic connection between leadership, engagement, and overall achievement.

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